When can I extend my housing and dining contract for the next year?  

If you love your room and you want YOUR SAME room next year, please plan to go online during Step 1 - Renew Your Bed, January 22-25.

What is the deadline to extend my contract online?
The deadline for using the online sign-up is 5 p.m., Friday, February 23. You may still request a contract after this date in person at the Office of Housing and Residence Life, LaFollette Complex, room N-10, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contracts requested late will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and the priority date will not be followed.

How is my timeslot determined?
Your timeslot is based on whether you have a standard or a Premium Plan and the date that you paid your original housing deposit when you first came to Ball State. As long as you continuously live in the residence halls, we carry over your first deposit to the next year.

May I choose any room in any hall? 
To look for an available bed during your timeslot day/time or during the time for any current resident, follow the prompts to select a residence hall you're interested in, then select a floor. If there are available rooms on that floor, they will be listed and you may select a room and bed. If there are no available rooms, then none will be listed. Remember, the Web works in real time and other students will be looking for (or room swapping) beds at the same time.

You will also be asked to sign an electronic contract by agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree, the information will not be saved, a contract will not be assigned, and you will not have a bed in the residence halls for the coming year.

What is the difference between room search and room swap?
If you have already renewed your same room, then you may use the room swap tool to request a different room. If you did not request your same room, then you must use the search option as you essentially have nothing to "swap" or trade. If you have at an earlier time requested a different room, then you can use the room swap tool.

Bottom line: The room swap online tool works for students who have already requested a space, either same room or different room.

Can I change my mind about a room? 
You may change your mind after you have requested a bed space, but please plan to make your final online selection before 5 p.m. Friday, February 23. Changes you wish to make after that time must be submitted in writing at the Housing Office (LaFollette Complex, room N-10). No requests for change in hall or room assignment will be accepted after May 31 at 5 p.m.

When will I be notified of the results of room sign up? 
See your request details online by viewing the Your Contract link.

If my first choice isn’t available, is there a waitlist for rooms? 
Yes, waitlists are available for halls on the Room Sign-Up Web site. The waitlist option is open until May 31.

If I am a standard contract student living in a double as a single, am I guaranteed my room for next year? 
If you currently are living in a double room as a single, you may have the option to keep the same room as a double as a single for next year. This is ONLY available to students living in LaFollette, Woodworth, and Studebaker West. You MUST renew your double as a single during the renew your bed time. If you do not, it will convert back to a double room. Students with a double as a single in all other halls may not renew their same accommodation as those will convert back to regular double rooms for next year.

What happens if a student is sick and can't sign up during his/her time?
If you have advance notice of a situation that will prevent you from signing up during your time slot, then contact our office in advance of your priority timeslot to request a different room. We likely will not be able to remedy situations after the fact. Students also may sign up at any time after the beginning of their time slot until the process ends.

What if I want to live on campus but want a different meal plan?

Please go online and request a different meal plan before July 13.  

What happens if I don't pick a meal plan?
If you do not select a meal plan, the 21-Plus plan will be assigned. You may change your meal plan until July 13 for the coming fall semester.

Do I have to have a roommate? 

Yes, unless you are living in a room designated as a single room. Unfortunately we have a very limited number of single rooms. 

May I choose my roommate?
Yes, you are welcome to request/confirm a roommate. If you do not have someone in mind to room with, you may use the Select Roommate, January 29- February 15, to help identify potential students also looking for roommates. To save time, we encourage you to look for a roommate before requesting a space during your timeslot in the Room Sign-up Web.

What if my intended roommate doesn't currently live in the halls? 

If your roommate is a Ball State student and currently enrolled, but doesn't live on campus and has not started a housing contract, you will not be able to request them as a roommate until they have completed a housing contract. At that time you will be able to request/confirm each other. New incoming students have until July 13 to request/confirm a roommate, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to keep you in the same room and hall that you selected during online sign-up.

How much will it cost to live here next year?
The Ball State University Board of Trustees approves the room and board rates each year. To view this year's rates, visit the Room and Board Rates page

Do resident assistants (RAs) who are returning to the halls need to request a room?
Current RAs returning to their positions next year should complete Step 2 - to have a contract on file, but do not need to request a specific room online. Prospective RAs should request a room during the sign up period if they would like to return to the residence halls next year if not hired as RAs.

I'm in the Honors College and my friend who is not in the honors program wants to live with me in DeHority. Is that possible?
Only if you are both currently roommates in DeHority Complex and you renew your SAME beds during Renew Your Bed before 5 p.m., January 25. You cannot change to a different room.

I live off campus or will commute from home. Is there a meal plan available for me?
Yes, learn more about our plans for off-campus and commuter students here. Purchase a meal plan using the application at www.bsu.edu/housing/apply.

What if I have questions?
Look at our Tips page or please call Housing and Residence Life at 765-285-8000 for more information.