We're glad you chose to live in the residence halls at Ball State! 

If you currently live on campus and plan to live in the halls next year, here are the steps to the online room sign-up process for 2018-19. Be sure to see our tips information and FAQs for returners also. Go online to www.bsu.edu/housing/apply and complete the following steps:

STEP 1 - Renew Your Bed (optional) - January 22 - 25 at 5 p.m.

RENEW your bed during this time to hold your same room and bed space in your hall at www.bsu.edu/housing/apply.

This step is optional, meaning that if you do NOT want to stay in your current room for next year, do NOT renew your bed and instead wait for your search/swap timeslot to request a NEW room.

If you want to keep your current room but currently live with a roommate and you do not plan to be roommates next year, talk about who will keep/renew the room. If you both want the same room, then you will be roommates again!

Premium Plan students: You MUST take an action by choosing a meal plan, renewing your bed, search/swap for a new room, etc., in order to have a space for next year. If you don't do anything during Room Sign-Up, you may lose your space and a different one will be assigned to you later. Make sure to use the Swap tool during your timeslot if you wish to find a different room after renewing your bed.

Doubles as singles: If you currently are living in a double room as a single, you may have the option to keep the same room as a double as a single for next year. This is ONLY available to students living Elliott, Knotts/Edwards, Brayton/Clevenger, Brady/Wood, Crosley/Rogers, Painter/Whitcraft, Palmer/Davidson, and Howick/Williams Halls. If you DO NOT renew your double as a single room during the renew your bed time, it will convert back to a regular double room for next year.

Tip: If you plan to look for another room or hall, go ahead and research this now by reviewing the online floor plans before Search and Swap begins. It will save you valuable time when searching for the perfect room!

STEP 2  - Room Sign-Up Details 

-- Select and Sign a Contract: Choose a new Premium Plan two-year contract or the Standard Plan one-year contract.

Premium Plan benefits include extra $50 Dining Plus each semester, a free parking permit or credit toward an upgraded pass (based upon availability), early move-in, and other perks. (If you are completing the first year of a Premium Plan contract, skip the "select a contract" step.)

-- Choose a Meal Plan:

21 Plus Meal Plan - All meals provided and $75 Dining Plus per semester
Any 18 Plus Meal Plan - Choose any 18 meals during the week and $75 Dining Plus per semester
Any 14 Plus Meal Plan - Choose any 14 meals during the week and $100 Dining Plus per semester
Any 10 Plus Meal Plan - Choose any 10 meals during the week and $100 Dining Plus per semester

--Complete Your Contacts/Policy Agreement

Please complete all the available fields in this section.

-- Request/Confirm a Roommate - Roommate Search Web Opens - January 29

To begin looking for a roommate, you must complete a personal profile, even if you know your roommate’s name. There are three ways to search for a roommate: By first name or PIN, by answers to profile questions, and by similar answers to profile questions.

When you know who your roommate will be, one of you will request the roommate, while the other will confirm.

Tip: We encourage you to request/confirm a roommate before beginning to look for a room.

Another tip: If you want us to find a roommate for you, simply uncheck the box to be included in the Roommate Search. Next you will see a web page confirming your wish. 

Requesting/confirming a roommate does not automatically place you together. During your time slot, you will select a room and if you’ve already requested/confirmed a roommate, you will place that student into the room with you. To do this when requesting a room, first you will assign a space to yourself, and then select your roommate’s name from the drop-down box to assign this person to the second space in the room. Should you not see your roommate’s name, contact this person now as they will need to put themselves in the second space.

STEP 3 - Search and Swap/Review - February 6- 23 - Timeslot Assigned

Search and Swap Beds/Rooms is really simple. If you renewed your bed and you want a different room, then you'll swap (or trade). If you didn't renew your bed, then you'll search for a bed and/or room. Regardless of Search or Swap, you have an assigned timeslot (we'll tell you when via BSU email) to go online, look around, and make your selection from February 6-23 at 5 p.m.. Watch for an email from the Housing Office in early February with details about your timeslot.

To sign up for a different room, select a building, floor, room and bed. You will have three minutes to swap rooms. To reserve a room with a roommate, you and your roommate must be already confirmed to hold a space in a different room. When you find a room with two spaces available you will assign a bed for you and then you will assign your confirmed roommate to the other bed by selecting their name from the drop down box. Once you have swapped your room, your original room becomes available for a different student to reserve.

If you don't find your first hall choice available, then sign up for a wait list. The waitlist will be available online until May 31 at 5 p.m. You may request up to three hall/room types.

-- Review:

Check through the Your Contract page. Should any of the steps have a red X, then you must complete that step before your contract is complete. If you do not complete all the steps, then your contract will not be renewed and you will not have a space in the halls next year.

The deadline for submitting information online is 5 p.m., Friday, February 23. You may still request a contract after this date, but will not be able to select a hall, room, or bed space online. If you need to make any changes after Room Sign-Up closes, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 765-285-8000. Returner room and roommate changes are due May 31 at 5 p.m. You may change your meal plan until July 13.

You can also find online tips and frequently asked questions about Room Sign-Up for returners.