How would you like a great way to save money, keep college expenses down, and increase the value of your on-campus living experience?

By signing up for the Premium Plan, your housing and dining fees are frozen for two years. That's right! This special offer helps you avoid the inflationary increases that normally occur for the second year. And based upon availability, if you want to request a room upgrade for year two of the contract, you will be able to do so at the first year's rates.

Lots of perks
The Premium Plan also provides additional benefits just for you:

  • Free Food: Upon enrolling in the plan, you receive an additional $50 in your Dining Plus account each semester. If you sign up for the 21 Meal Plan, that means you will receive $50 Dining Plus per semester, too. That is a $200 value for the two-year contract!
  • Early Move-In: Members of the Premium Plan may move into the residence halls a day early for the fall semesters. This can help you avoid long lines that are sometimes associated with the regular opening day.
  • Priority Room Sign-Up: Plan members have the option of priority residence hall room sign-up for the second year. Several residence halls are very popular places for students to call home and often are filled early by returning students. For the second year of the plan, Premium Plan members may choose to select available spaces before they are offered to students in their priority date group who are not participating. (This is based upon your housing deposit date.)
  • Option of Free stadium parking permit (limited quantity available on a first come, first serve basis) OR an Additional $80 Dining Plus added to your fall meal plan

How much does the Premium Plan cost?
Absolutely nothing extra! There are no additional contract charges for these services and benefits. We want to provide students with the opportunity to maximize their on-campus housing and dining value. See the Premium Plan rates.

How does it work?
It is simple! Just choose the Premium Plan option when submitting your housing and dining contract. By selecting and submitting your wish to be part of the Premium Plan, you extend the term of your housing and dining contract for the 2016-17 and the 2017-18 academic years. (Please note: Summer semesters are not included in the plan. Also, the Premium Plan is a continuous two-year contract and cannot be extended if a student leaves for an academic program, e.g., student teaching, study abroad. )

By increasing the number of people living on campus, we are able to pass this savings on to Premium Plan members. Please remember that when you sign the Premium Plan contract, you will be expected to fulfill the terms of the contract. Please review your housing and dining contract for terms and conditions. See the Premium Plan rates.