How do I request housing?
Once the Office of Admissions has your enrollment confirmation, your name will be added to the list for access to the online housing application, if you originally indicated on your Application for Admission that you want to live in a residence hall. Housing and Residence Life will send you instructions and the link to use the new online application. If you did not, you may contact our office and request on-campus housing. 

When I log into the online application, why is there a PIN on the student home page? 
The personal identification number (PIN) is given to each student for use with the Search for a Roommate function. The number is unique to you and is assigned only for the purpose of looking for a potential roommate. Please do not confuse this number with the Ball State ID number that was or will be assigned to you. 

When should I submit my online housing application?
Please complete all the steps in the online housing application, make the $125 housing deposit, and submit the online contract by June 1. If you do not submit the contract in its entirety and pay the $125 housing deposit, we must assume that you are not interested in living in the residence halls and may be forced to give your space to another student.

How much is the housing deposit and how do I pay? 
The deposit for housing is $125, and we ask that you make the deposit online, or send a check or money order in this amount to Housing and Residence Life. You must pay the housing deposit for us to hold a space for you. We will hold this deposit until you leave the residence halls, according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Can I make changes to my housing application?
Yes, you can make many changes to the online housing application at any time before July 13, including updating your profile, searching for a roommate, and changing your meal plan. However, after you submit your application and you've chosen the contract type (Premium Plan or Standard contract), you cannot change the contract type online and must call Housing and Residence Life.

What if I don't have a roommate yet? Should I go ahead and make my housing deposit and submit (confirm) the application?
If you don't know your roommate, go ahead and make the $125 housing deposit and complete your online housing application. That way, we'll know your plans to live on campus and you may make a roommate request until July 13.

My friend and I already applied and submitted our online application, but now we want to live together. What do we do? 
In the Search for a Roommate section of the online housing application, request each other by entering your roommate's first name and PIN. You will also both need to check the box that indicates you wish to be included in the roommate search. That is how the software will be able to search for your intended roommate's name/PIN. As long as space permits, you both request each other and meet the July 13 deadline, we will do our best to place you together.

If I've been admitted to the Honors College, does my roommate need to be in the Honors College too?
Yes, as an Honors College student you will only see other Honors College students in the roommate search web and can search for someone you would like to room with.

I want to request a roommate, but it's after the July 13 deadline. How do I do this?
Due to the increased number of students returning to the residence halls and the anticipated size of the freshman class, roommate requests and roommate changes received after July 13 cannot be honored. We apologize for any inconvenience our space limitations may cause you.

How do I see messages from potential roommates, or from Housing and Residence Life?

E-mail messages from potential roommates and the Office of Housing and Residence Life are available at your Ball State email address, accessible at To login, you'll use the username and password that Ball State sent you during the admissions (credentials) process. If you forget your username or password, contact the UTS Help Desk at 765-285-1517 for assistance. There are also messages within the Room Sign-up Web that can be viewed for the roommate request section at

What are the terms and conditions of the housing and dining contract? 
You may review the contract terms and conditions on the online housing application, or review the contract terms and conditions online.

What happens if I get an error message while using the online housing application?
The online application web site may be experiencing unusually high traffic at that time. Please log out and try again later. Sessions are timed for 20 minutes, so please be aware that you may time out. Information you have completed and saved before timing out will still be there.

What's next after completing my application?
You'll hear from Housing and Residence Life in June via your BSU email account about details to rent a MicroFridge, purchase a futon, and rent a bed loft (only available for students assigned to non-renovated residence halls). You can learn more in advance by visiting You'll also receive more information about renting a bike locker. In late July you'll receive your hall and roommate assignment, along with helpful tips for move-in.