Door-to-door distribution, solicitation, fund-raising, sales, or commercial activity are not permitted within the residence halls. A student may, however, by express invitation invite a distributor, solicitor, fund-raiser, or salesman to the students' room for distribution, solicitation, fund-raising, sales to that student and the students' invited guests in the privacy of his or her own room. In addition, a student may engage in distribution, solicitation, fund-raising, or sales in the privacy of his or her own room. Deliveries may be made to the lounge area only if:

1. The commercial activity consists of demonstration of goods and services not only involving sales and is sponsored by that hall's council.

2. The commercial activity, including sales, is part of a fund-raising activity of the hall's council and is conducted in accordance with the restrictions of paragraph 4.02 of the Ball State policy concerning distribution, solicitation, fund-raising, sales, and commercial activity on university property.