Several practices and policies are employed at Ball State University to ensure as safe a community as possible, but a key element is student cooperation. Students are responsible for locking their room, even if just going down the hall, during sleep, or leaving the room unattended. Exterior doors are locked at night, and doors leading to living areas are locked 24 hours a day. However, each resident entering and leaving the hall after hours should make sure that the entrances are secured and locked. Doors should not be propped open. Unauthorized entry should not be permitted. See this policy for more details. Also, students are not allowed to exit a residence hall through the emergency doors/fire exit except during an emergency.

Suite bathroom doors should not be tampered with in any way. For your own safety, tape or other materials may not be used to compromise bathroom door locks.

It is important that students are security conscious in the halls, on the campus, and in the community. Students should be familiar with these safety precautions. Also, residents should be aware of their actions and the potential danger that could be inflicted on other persons or property. The violation of a safety policy will result in residence hall probation and/or termination of the housing contract. Protect yourself as well as your neighbors.