Guests - Residence Hall Policy

Guests (non-residents of a particular hall) are expected to follow all policies of the university. Residents are responsible for their guests and all actions of the guests while in the halls. Guests found in violation of residence hall or university policy will be asked to leave university property immediately. Guests must be escorted at all times in any area other than the main lounge. Keys will not be issued to guests. A maximum of one (1) guest per room resident may sleep in a room for a total room maximum of four (4).

Guests between the ages of 13 and under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian permission (anytime after 12 midnight) to stay as a guest of a residence hall student. Residence hall hosts are responsible for ensuring their guests have the appropriate permission and are registered. Parental/Guardian permission forms are available online and at the residence hall front desks and night check stations. Guests age 12 and under may not stay overnight in the residence halls (unless the guest is a legal dependent of the resident) and must leave the building no later than midnight..

With the permission of the roommate and in accordance with the hall visitation policy, overnight guests may be permitted to stay a maximum of three consecutive days in a given week for a limited number of times per semester. Guests found to consistently remain in the halls beyond three nights will be charged a nightly rate of $20.00 per night and will be asked to leave the hall. 

Guests are not permitted to live in the residence halls. If a guest is found to violate the spirit of the policy by living in the halls, he/she will be trespassed from the hall. All guests in the hall between midnight and 8 a.m. must be registered at the front desk of each residence hall or the community check-in stations.