You must notify the residence hall director or your RA at least 24 hours in advance! You must check out with a staff member present during desk hours.

Please consult with hall staff about specific check out procedures for your hall. Also, watch our video for tips on moving out.

General steps to follow for check out:

1. Remove all trash to the trash bin on each floor. Bulk items should be taken to the building's dumpster.

2. Return all hall equipment to the desk.

3. Return all dining utensils and trays to the nearest dining service location.

4. Make sure all original furniture is in the room.

5. Restore room to original condition and configuration, including sweeping and mopping the floor.

6. Double-check and thoroughly clean the drawers and closet to make sure nothing is left behind.

7. Leave mattress pad and cable TV cord in room.

8. Move all belongings from the room and out of the building.

9. Make sure all paperwork is completed (B-608 signed and forwarding address change submitted online).

10. When ready to check out please contact the staff member you have made previous arrangements with to complete the check out process.