Bed Units, Bunks, Lofts - Residence Hall Policy

Students living in Botsford/Swinford, DeHority, Studebaker West and East, Noyer, Park, Woodworth, Kinghorn, and Mysch/Hurst Halls in LaFollette are not are not permitted to bring lofts because the furniture provided in the room is loftable or stackable.
Lofts are permitted in Knotts/Edwards, Brayton/Clevenger, Woody/Shales, and Elliott Halls. Learn more about loft guidelines or how to rent a loft.

When assembling a loft in a student room, one window must remain completely free and clear of obstruction. Fire safety codes require at least three feet of space between the window and any items that could obstruct the window for use as an emergency entrance/exit.

Student rooms are checked for loft policy violations periodically. Hall directors reserve the right to require students to remove a loft that does not meet safety guidelines. Loft/bed units must be taken apart and removed from the hall when instructed to do so by hall staff. Loft disassembly must take place before the start of quiet hours at the end of each semester. Room occupants are responsible for any and all damages caused by the assembly or disassembly of such units.