Students in the Honors Living-Learning Community join a supportive, close-knit environment in a campus residence hall reserved just for Honors College students. In this stimulating intellectual and social atmosphere, you will enjoy opportunities for informal interaction with faculty at special meals and at informal discussions and programs.

Location: The Honors Living-Learning Community is located in the DeHority Complex.Student sitting outside of DeHority Complex


  • Live with other dedicated honors students with diverse academic interests and ambitions
  • Interact with faculty and advisors from the Honors College
  • Create and actively participate in programs and social opportunities that are inclusive of all residents
  • Integrate academic programming with living space, social space, and other Honors activities and events


  • Any major, but students must be enrolled in the Honors College


  • Honors courses like Honors 100 - Freshman Seminar, through the Honors College and led by Honors College peer mentors

Programming: Programs that students may choose to particpate in include Preparing for Graduate School and Internships, Preparing for the Job Search, meet-and-greet events with campus-wide speakers, service opportunities, and community trips to museums or theatrical productions.

Partners: To accomplish these goals, the Honors Living-Learning Community works closely with the Honors CollegeUniversity Libraries, the Career Center, and Academic Advising.