Yes, students can make roommate requests and live in a living-learning community, based on availability. When two roommates request the same interest-based community or are studying majors that will place them in the same community and the roommate request has been made by the deadline, Housing and Residence Life will place them in the same community if there is space available.

For communities based on academic majors (except for students in the Honors College), if both students are eligible to live in different living-learning communities, then the roommate with the earlier application date to Ball State will be assigned to the living-learning community of his or her major and will bring the intended roommate along with him or her to that community. For interest-based communities (i.e., emerging media, international, etc.), both roommates must indicate their interest to be assigned to that community.

For students in the Honors College, first-time freshmen must select other first-time Honors freshmen to be roommates to live in the honors residence hall at DeHority Complex.

Roommate requests must still meet the submission deadline to be honored.