Palmer/Davidson, located within nine-story Studebaker West, is one of the recently renovated buildings on campus. This residence hall, which houses 450 students, offers several amenities including a fitness gym, a large computer lab/technology center, advanced laundry facilities that use card readers and Wash Alert, and air conditioning throughout the building. Palmer/Davidson also is home to the Early and Elementary Education Living-Learning Community and Kinesiology Living-Learning Community

Palmer/Davidson features rectangular double rooms for students. Furniture is stackable with desks, chairs, beds, dressers, and wardrobes for each resident. Watch our video with tips on arranging the furniture. Along with a phone jack, one wired Ethernet outlet is available in student rooms, and wireless Internet service is available throughout the building.

The Micro Café dining unit is located in this building. You can also eat at Noyer Centre across the street, or visit nearby Woodworth Commons food court.