Students who participate in Accelerate consistently share their stories of success in the program. Learn more directly from our students and staff who participated:

"I had an amazing experience at Accelerate. The people I met during the program are still my best friends to this day," Liz Brown, Accelerate student.

"I really had a great time at Accelerate! It really helped me get familiar with campus and I felt a lot more confident going to classes. It was also a big help moving in early," Jessica Hill, Accelerate student.

"Accelerate was responsible for the successful transition I've experienced from high school to college. Thanks to Accelerate, I was motivated and met the amazing friends I have now," Rosnellys Perez, Accelerate student.

"As a residence hall director in a building with many first-year students, the Accelerate program has had a very positive effect on my building's community. This year our hall had 20 students who participated in Accelerate and moved in early. These students have become involved on their floors, in the building, and across campus," Jim Hague, residence hall director.