Conference and Camp Guests
Daily Rates (per person) 1-6 day stay    1-150 Guests   151+ Guests
 Air-conditioned Single Room     $32.50  $31.50
 Air-conditioned Double Room  $28.50  $27.50
Daily Rates (per person) Day 7 and after    
 Air-conditioned Single Room      $31.00  $30
 Air-conditioned Double Room  $27.00   $26

Prices do not include linen charges (if requested), 5% innkeepers tax, and 7% state sales tax. We ask that our conference guests plan to stay at least two nights minimum. Conference guests who only stay one night will be billed for two nights. 


Conference/Meeting Room Spaces Daily Rate
 Multipurpose Room in Park Hall, Kinghorn Hall, or Studebaker East Complex  $50
      Technical staff Availability (required if using A/V equipment)  $7.25/hour
 Additional Seminar, Meeting, or Conference Rooms    $25
 Computer Lab  $50
 Fitness Room      $10/per person
 Additional Desk Staff Availability  $7.25/hour
 Additional Cleaning (if needed, per occurrence)  $25 minimum

Contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 765-285-8006 for additional information and rates on other spaces. Linen services (skirting and tablecloths) are available at an additional charge.