As a college student, you need a comfortable yet affordable place to live that’s not far from the campus—especially if you have a family. University Apartments offer all three benefits to Ball State students who are juniors, seniors, graduate students, at least 21 years old, married, or parents with dependent children.

Our competitive rental rates and leases include utilities, free cable TV, free Internet service, and other attractive amenities. Our communities are located along campus shuttle and city bus lines (both are free for students), and they’re close to local shopping, dining, recreation, and schools. Looking for a way to stretch your budget? Some single students chose to share a two-bedroom apartment with another Ball State student. If this sounds like you and you're looking for someone to live with, use our roommate search tool within the UA application to help identify someone. (Sorry, we do not assign roommates.)

The safe and caring environment at Anthony and Scheidler complexes includes community assistants who are always on call to help you, as well as 24-hour maintenance and advanced laundry facilities at competitive rates.

At University Apartments, you’ll be living on your own, but you won’t be out of the loop. Our residents are in the know about campus activities, and we create our own fun, too.

Review our eligibility guidelines, and discover how University Apartments can suit your needs. Apply today.