Renting at University Apartments is your first step in saving money on living expenses.

At most places, rent alone can be a big cost, and it grows when you have to pay extra for utilities. At our communities, the rent includes almost everything, from electricity, heat, water, sewage, and trash removal to cable TV and wired and wireless Internet service. Utility costs elsewhere can run $125 or more.

The only utility you would have to pay for here is a landline phone, if you want one. We offer that service at a reduced rate of $20 a month, which is better than other apartments. Calling cards also must be used.

At University Apartments, you also won’t have to worry about fixing you own heat or electricity if they go on the fritz. Our on-site maintenance and residential staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For immediate assistance, contact University Apartments during office hours. After 5 p.m., leave a message on the office voice mail, or if it's an emergency, contact the staff person on duty.