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Living Learning Communities are where academics and residence life converge. Our communities extend our immersive approach to education to our residence halls through peer mentoring, makerspaces, and major specific programming, such as theatre trips to Chicago or business professional development sessions, to support our students during their journey through their time at Ball State.

Each community partners with faculty and staff to provide students with the opportunity to explore their intellectual curiosities outside of the classroom. With this supportive environment, students perform better in the classroom and make stronger connections with students in their field.

Each Living Learning Community (LLC) provides a multitude of opportunities such as community events and the ability to develop networks with fellow classmates & faculty. The Living Learning Communities and Academic Peer Mentors are a great resource to ensuring that students are aware of all the resources that are available to them in order to ensure academic success.

Our Communities

Student and instructor in entrepreneurship center

 Community 1: Palmer/Davidson
Community 2: Kinghorn

Want to Learn More?

Incoming freshmen are automatically assigned to their corresponding community. Returning students have the ability to select a community during returner room sign-up.
If both student are eligible for different living learning communities, the student with the early housing deposit date will receive priority based upon space availability.
Our office tries our best to place all incoming students in their respective community, but there are occasions when we are not able to do so. Some reasons include: Housing deposit date, space availability, and roommate preference.


If you have any questions, please call or email us.