The university may issue a BSUInform notice when a situation is not an emergency and does not pose an immediate threat to the campus community but it is of significant safety interest to members of the Ball State community.

The service is intended to make students and employees aware by providing information about a situation. For instance, police might receive reports of a crime but do not believe a continuing threat exists. Or a crime might occur off campus, but the incident’s location might concern students’ or employees’ safety.

The university sends BSUInform notices through Ball State email.


Would the university issue a BSUInform notice in the following scenarios?

Maybe. There were reports of gunshots associated with an armed robbery at a convenience store several blocks east of the university. Muncie Police arrived and quickly had suspects in custody. A BSUInform may be sent out to alleviate concerns and dispel rumors.

Maybe. School breaks are times where opportunistic crimes, such as burglaries, increase. The university may issue a BSUInform notice before the break to remind people to secure their belongings and homes.