If you believe you have submitted your immunization records but you still have a hold:

First, please review your hold from the Health Center by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into my.bsu.edu

  2. Select “Self-Service Banner”

  3. Select “Student”

  4. Select “Student Records”

  5. Select “Institutional Holds”

This will tell you which immunization(s) we have listed as missing.

If the record you submitted includes the immunization(s) we have listed as missing, then please call the Health Center at 765-285-8431 or email at healthcenter@bsu.edu to have this corrected.  If you are indeed missing immunizations, please obtain the appropriate immunization listed and then send the record of the vaccine administered to the Health Center so that your record can be updated and the hold removed.  This information should include your name, date of birth, Ball State Student ID number, name of vaccine, date administered, lot and expiration date.