The mission of Counseling and Health Services is to help students succeed in college. This is accomplished by promoting healthy and productive living, by facilitating the learning of skills, by determining and confronting critical issues and problem areas, by developing preventive strategies that will remove barriers to learning and college success and by responding to student needs, as well as crises and trauma. The mission is fulfilled through a wide spectrum of services and programs that are provided by three units that promote and protect physical and emotional health: the Counseling Center; the Health Center; and Health Education.

Concomitant Values:
  • Students are served as whole persons, who are more than, and different from, their component parts. In all health interactions, attempts are made to integrate care for physical, emotional and social aspects of health problems within the practical limits of the circumstances.
  • Services are provided within an environment of caring, with a non-judgmental approach, which is essential for establishing levels of confidentiality, trust and comfort.
  • Services and programs should support the health of the campus community in its broadest sense, through a commitment to integrating primary prevention and public health service, as well as clinical and mental health services.
  • Both health and counseling services must be of the highest quality, efficient and effective as demonstrated through systematic evaluation of satisfaction and outcomes, as well as through meeting or exceeding applicable accreditation standards.
  • There should be easy and equal access to services, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion or gender and staff should be encouraged to be knowledgeable about and sensitive to the needs of the diverse communities on campus.  Staff are encouraged to develop effective skills for working with and be actively involved in the diverse communities on campus.
  • All units should engage in ongoing processes of strategic planning and evaluation.
  • All units should contribute to achievement of the university’s enrollment, recruitment and retention plans.
  • Success is predicated upon the recruitment and retention of highly qualified, diverse, effective and dedicated professional and support staff, as well as upon encouraging their continual professional development.
  • Staff serves as role models for students in practicing and upholding the highest possible personal and professional ethics, principles and responsibility.
  • Students should have a voice in advising on the depth and breadth of programs and services provided by Counseling and Health Services.