Ball State is home to four traditionally African-American fraternities and three traditionally African-American sororities. These chapters recruit through a process known as intake. Although these organizations consist primarily of minority students, they are open to all students at Ball State.

The intake process for every chapter is defined by its national organization. Membership intake consists of attending a meeting, completing an application directly to the fraternity or sorority of interest, gaining approval by the organization and learning the group’s history and traditions, and initiation. The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) intake process at Ball State is designed to give both you and chapter members a fair and equal opportunity to become acquainted as friends.

The NPHC hosts a week of events each fall to welcome students back to Ball State. The week of events allows you to meet members from the chapters and learn more about their events. During NPHC's week of events, they have an NPHC Meet the Greeks that allows you to learn more about their member chapters.

Throughout the year, chapters hold social, informational and educational events, which provide you with the opportunity to meet the members of each organization. When conducting membership intake, chapters hold interest meetings to provide you information and membership forms. Membership intake is held at various times during the year. Please check out the Greek life calendar for dates of informational sessions.

For more information about NPHC chapters, e-mail