Ball State has 13 chapters that make up the Interfraternity Council. Fraternities recruit year-round, but we encourage you to begin the recruitment process during the summer if you are interested in joining in the fall. Most people join during the first month of the semester. The IFC fraternity recruitment process at Ball State is designed to give both you and chapter members a fair and equal opportunity to become acquainted as friends. The recruitment process is designed to allow you to get to know the men in the different chapters.

We recommend contacting the chapters that interest you. The recruitment process works best when you take the initiative. Please check the fraternity profile page of our website and the website of each fraternity for recruitment dates, details, and contact information. We will be using a new online platform for fall fraternity recruitment, please check back soon for more information! 

Here are some recruitment tips to help you: 

-find organizations that share your personal values  

-ask a lot of questions  

-explore your options