Being in a fraternity/sorority is about making friendships that will last far beyond your college years while enhancing your personal development by committing to ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service. It is being respected for your individuality while being part of a brotherhood or sisterhood with individuals who share the same goals and values. Your brothers or sisters are there to support you, making your transition to college easier and fun.


Our fraternity and sorority community offers a variety of leadership opportunities to prepare you for future careers. Fraternity and sorority chapters are run by their own executive boards, chairpersons, and committees composed of the undergraduate membership. Each international/national fraternity and sorority also sponsors leadership conferences that are held regionally and nationally for its membership. Members may choose to become involved in the leadership of one of the governing councils, Greek honorary organizations, enroll in a Greek leadership class or become involved in many other ways within the Greek community.
Fraternity and sorority members may be found in all parts of campus life: Student Government Association, intramural sports, resident assistants, honor societies, orientation leaders, residence hall councils, as student staff in many offices and departments, varsity sports, the band and throughout the 350+ students organizations found on campus. Fraternity and sorority members play an important role in many of the events and initiatives on the campus, either through their chapter or through involvement with other associations.

Academic achievement is a core value of the Ball State fraternity and sorority community. Members are encouraged to strive for scholarly excellence through a variety of programs including study partners, mentors, workshops, study hours, incentives and international/national recognition programs. Each fraternity and sorority maintains internal academic standards that all members are expected to achieve. Members are rewarded for their academic achievements by their individual chapter and membership in Greek honorary organizations. Many organizations also offer scholarships and recognition awards for academic excellence. As a result of these efforts, Greeks tend to have a higher grade point average than non-Greek students.

Philanthropy and Service

The fraternity and sorority community is committed to participating in community service and philanthropic efforts. Chapters strive each semester to give their time and support to many different organizations, not only within Muncie but beyond. Many international/national organizations have a specific service or philanthropy, such as Adopt-A-School, ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig’s disease), American Red Cross, Arrowmont School for the Arts & Crafts, arthritis research, Children’s Miracle Network, diabetes research, Girl Scouts USA, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Riley Hospital for Children, Special Olympics, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and YouthAIDS. As a fraternity or sorority member, you will have the opportunity to support the local and campus community by being involved in volunteer activities such as reading to children, serving in a soup kitchen, sponsoring a blood drive, or doing cleanup at a local park.


Social Networking

On a campus with about 20,000 students, it is important to find a network of friends to provide the support to be successful. For undergraduates, the fraternity or sorority experience provides opportunities to meet students from other campus chapters. Members are encouraged to participate in other campus life programs and to join other student organizations. Intramural sports and special campus events provide even more opportunities to meet students, faculty, and staff from various agencies and departments.

The fraternity and sorority experience is not limited to the college years, as it continues through adulthood. Alumni associations are available across the country and the potential for career connections are endless. Alumni and national volunteers provide advice and guidance for the chapter and its members as well as serve on alumni corporations.
The result of fraternity and sorority membership: a bond that transcends your time at Ball State and will always be with you wherever your career after college may take you. It is a friendship that lasts a lifetime. A fundamental principle of every fraternity and sorority chapter is friendship: a brotherhood or sisterhood that one shares through the good times and provides support during the difficult challenges that come with being a college student. The fraternity or sorority chapter provides opportunities for members to periodically assemble and renew those bonds of friendship: Homecoming, alumni weekends, newsletters, a chapter webpage and athletic events. Many international/national organizations have alumni chapters in major urban areas, where alumni from various chapters can continue to create new bonds of friendship. 
Throughout the year, fraternities and sororities will participate in many social events such as Homecoming, Greek Week, Greek night at Cardinal football and basketball games, mixers, cookouts, and spring formals. These events not only allow you to spend time with your chapter members, but also gives you the opportunity to socialize with other Greeks.