Fraternities and sororities at Ball State University are mission-driven and values-based organizations. Our organizations promote the development of personal and organizational values and their integration into the daily lives of our members. This is a community that fosters academic growth, philanthropic dedication, leadership skills, ethical behavior, and lifelong relationships. For this reason, Greek students at Ball State University have higher GPAs, stay in school and graduate in higher numbers, take leadership in the university community, and make a significant impact in the Ball State and wider community. 

As of spring 2018, the Ball State Greek community has accomplished significant milestones:

  • Greek students now make up over 15% of the Ball State student population, reaching over 2,100 members
  • Greek students raised over $300,000 for philanthropic causes in 2017.
  • Greek students have maintained a GPA higher than the All-Ball State average for 27 consecutive semesters.
  • Greek students are leaders in Student Government Association, Dance Marathon, Homecoming, the Excellence in Leadership program, residence halls, intramural sports, various honor societies, Ball State orientation and a multitude of other programs and organizations.

In addition, joining a fraternity or sorority provides a network of friends and creates a home-away-from-home for many students on Ball State’s campus. After graduation, the fraternity and sorority experience continues, providing networking opportunities and friendships throughout life. The result of fraternity and sorority membership: a bond that transcends your time at Ball State and will always be with you wherever your career after college may take you.

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All 31 chapters will be present at the Meet the Greeks event on Thursday, August 23, 2018 taking place on University Green! Free food and yard games will be provided!


For background information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Rights of New Members pages.

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