Please Note

Effective Saturday, March 21, 2020, Ball State University Dining Services has now moved to a completely to-go operation at every location.

Some of our Dining locations remain open, but purchases are packaged and for carry-out only, as all seating areas throughout Dining locations across campus are effectively closed.

Modified Locations & Hours

Updated: April 1, 2020

Hours of Operation

The Tally @ L.A. Pittenger Student Center

  • Monday – Friday
    • Tally Food Court: 7:30a – 4:30p
      Homestyle currently closed
    • Starbucks: 7:30a – 4:30p
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Woodworth Commons @ Woodworth Complex

  • Monday – Friday: 7:30a – 8p
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9:30a – 8p

The Atrium @ Art & Journalism Building

  • Monday – Sunday

Bookmark Café @ Bracken Library

  • Monday – Sunday: Closed

Elliott Dining

  • Monday – Sunday: Closed

LaFollette Square @ LaFollette Complex

  • Monday – Sunday
    • Courtside: Closed
    • Out of Bounds: Closed

Micro Café @ Studebaker West Complex

  • Monday – Sunday: Closed

Noyer Centre @ Noyer Complex

  • Monday – Sunday
    • Food Mall: Closed
    • The Retreat: Closed

Quiznos @ Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation & Wellness Center

  • Monday – Sunday: Closed

Tom John Food Shop @ Kinghorn Hall

  • Monday – Sunday: Closed

We’re here to serve you

We appreciate your understanding that your Ball State Dining experience may be different than usual. To serve you and everyone best, you will find adjustments in areas, but we are continuing operations in some of our dining locations.

The Student Center Tally and Woodworth Commons remain open, while other locations are closed at this time. Please stay tuned to this site for any updates to hours of operation. The Tally features a modified soup and salad station with custom-made salads and your favorite soup served up for you. Other actions may not be as obvious, such as the removal of salt and pepper shakers from areas, however, some items will be available upon request and we will accommodate as able.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still open, and are there adjusted services?

  • Yes, we are still open for service.
    To serve you and everyone best, you will find adjustments in some areas, but we are continuing operations in some dining locations.
  • The Tally now features a soup and salad station—request a custom-made salad or choose your favorite soup, and our staff will serve it up for you.
  • Taco Bell in the Student Center Tally opens at 10 a.m. to serve the balance of day menu for lunch service. Breakfast items will not be served at this time.
  • The Homestyle section is no longer active, until further notice.
  • Starbucks and the Tally are closed for weekend hours of operation.
  • Monday through Friday hours of operation for the Tally and Starbucks have changed to 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • The evening closing time for Woodworth Commons has been moved to 8 p.m. 
  • Sushi with Gusto is now closed. The location in Woodworth Commons is no longer open, and daily sushi throughout campus is not available.
  • Hours of operation for Woodworth Commons have changed to 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

What are some other things I should know?

  • You may discover some items not regularly available. However, if you find yourself looking for a product, ask our staff, and we will assist as able.

Do you offer to-go options?

  • Everything we serve currently is carry out. To-go containers are used for all of the served foods you find throughout our locations, and our pre-packaged items are ready as-is.

What happens to the Dining Plus from my Housing + Dining contract or Dining Cash?

Where should I go for information about Cardinal Cash or about Dining Plus that came with a University Apartments PLUS Plan?

  • Cardinal Cash is handled through the Bursar’s Office, and we do not control it. You should contact their office if you have questions about that program.
  • The University Apartments PLUS Plan is handled through Housing and Residence Life. You should contact their office for questions about the Dining Plus associated with that program.

I live off campus—what happens with my commuter meal plan?

  • Off-campus meal plans will remain on through the end of the semester. Students carrying these plans can continue using them at both Woodworth Commons and the Student Center Tally—see above for hours of operation.
  • A prorated rate will be evaluated at semester's end for off-campus plan balances, and that amount will be credited to Bursar accounts.

We at Dining Services are dedicated to providing you the utmost service, and that will continue. Going forward, there may be more adjustments to come, but we will address those as they arrive and update you, our customers, as best we can. Mostly, we will persist in our efforts of delivering an exemplary dining experience.

We’re in this together, and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Stay updated on the measures Ball State University is actively taking or view university FAQs at