Sometimes a student and their counselor decide that group counseling is the best way to address their issues. Students who have been in group therapy often report that they enjoyed getting to know group members over time and that they found giving and receiving feedback from others helpful. Often students tell us that it was very reassuring to realize that other students had the same types of concerns and to learn about how they coped with them.

The Counseling Center offers a wide range of groups every semester. Many groups have a theme or common issue that all members share such as self-esteem, eating problems, sexual victimization, or sexual orientation. We also offer groups for persons who do not have a common issue but who desire to work through their concerns with a group of peers. Groups range in size from four to twelve persons and they usually have two counselors or leaders. Most of our groups are stable in membership, which means that the same people meet from week to week until the group ends. Each semester the types of groups offered and meeting times vary. Group therapy is also confidential, but there are some special issues you may wish to learn more about.