For after-hours crisis/emergency services, call 911 or University Police @ 765-285-1111 to get immediate assistance.

If you or someone you know needs to speak with someone about a mental health crisis (e.g., thoughts of suicide or self-harm, severe depression, panic attacks or anxiety attacks, etc.) contact the following resources:

During regular business hours Counseling Center staff is available for a consultation. If a student needs to be seen immediately and cannot wait for a regular appointment every effort will be made for the student to be seen that day or the next day.

If you need assistance when the office is closed, please consider accessing the above resources as they are equipped to offer immediate support. The Counseling Center does not provide after hours therapy but focuses on brief consultation for distressed students to identify and recommend coping skills and additional resources. The Counseling Center can be reached by contacting and discussing your request with University Police (765-285-1111), Housing & Residence Life Staff, or other appropriate university personnel.