The Counseling Center staff has a strong commitment to keeping the information you share confidential. Beyond our own commitment to confidentiality, Indiana law requires it. The law states that counseling information must remain confidential unless you indicate in writing that you wish the information to be communicated to specific persons outside the Center. Exceptions to confidentiality are that a counselor will disclose information: (1) if it is deemed necessary to protect you or someone from imminent danger; (2) in cases of child abuse; and (3) in those rare incidences when the courts subpoena Counseling Center records.

Confidentiality of Group Sessions
Participants in therapy groups are asked to promise to respect the privacy of all other group members by not sharing information from or about other group members or anyone else. If you have any questions about confidentiality, talk about them with the group leader.

Rights of Consultation
Your counselor may consult with other professionals at the Center in order to provide the best treatment possible for you. He/she may also consult with the Center's psychiatrist if necessary and with the Student Health Center if medical consultation is needed. Your written consent for these consultations is not required, however, you will be informed about such consultation and the nature and reasons for such disclosures will be discussed with you.

Since the Counseling Center is also a training center, your counselor may be a trainee. All trainees are supervised and their cases will be discussed with their supervisors. The intention of this supervision is to promote the highest quality care. To that end you may be asked by your counselor to have some of your sessions digitally recorded. If you are to be recorded, that process will be discussed with you and your written permission requested. At all times, your privacy and care will be treated with the highest regard.