Time can be thought of as an endless series of decisions that gradually change the shape of our life. Inappropriate decisions can produce frustration, lowered self-esteem, and stress. Some people find the following strategies helpful:

  1. Making lists and prioritizing
  2. Breaking large projects into smaller pieces
  3. Setting up artificial deadlines
  4. Using a planner or app to help you stay organized
  5. Using color to code different activities
  6. Tracking online time (programs like Rescue Time) or turning off the internet
  7. Turning off technology or notifications on technology to minimize distractions
  8. Improve your study habits (the Learning Center may be able to help)
  9. Completing work during the time of day when you’re most efficient
  10. Changing your environment (studying in the library and not your bed)
  11. Learning to say no
  12. Rewarding yourself for a job well done

Some students find therapy (group or individual) helpful as well.