Providing Support for and Information About Being Transgender
For Transgender, Their Families and Their Advocates and Allies

This web resource provides a portal for information for those who are transgender or who are questioning their gender identity. It also provides resources for friends and family, allies and advocates and for anyone wishing to know more about transgender, the issues facing those who are transgender and how they can be advocates. Transgender people are active parts of our community but face discrimination and harassment as they come out about their gender identity. They face challenges about their legal rights, staying safe, being treated fairly in the workplace, obtaining healthcare as well as their legal status and numerous other concerns. We hope this webpage connects you to the information you need.

  1. Transgendered Issues Handbook—HRC
  2. Coming Out Transgender-HRC
  3. Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace-HRC 
  4. Questions About Transgender-American Psychological Association 
  5. Transgender Parent Issues 
  6. Transgender Visibility-HRC 
  7. The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders 
  8. Informed Consent Form for Testosterone Therapy 
  9. Transgender Resources 
  10. Further Resources 
  11. Changing Name and Gender on Birth Certificate 
  12. How Can Your Campus Be More Inclusive 
  13. Transgender Inclusion-University of Minnesota 
  14. Gender Queer Resources 
  15. How to Be an Ally to Transgender and Intersex People 
  16. Transgender Definitions
  17. Transgender Health