2010 Out At Work Conference Materials and Additional Workplace Materials

On October 29, 2010 a conference was held on “Out at Work” issues. The conference was at Ball State University and was sponsored by the Counseling Center and the Office of Inclusive Excellence. The Conference featured Wendra Foster from Eli Lilly presenting on "GLBT Diversity Leadership" by Out and Equal Workplace Advocates . This presentation was focused on helping participants gain an understanding of the GLBT environment and raise awareness of GLBT issues in the workplace, such as breaking down barriers and discussing workplace equality and diversity with co-workers. Participants were given a clear understanding about becoming an advocate and how to create an action plan that makes the workplace a healthier environment.

Wendra Foster, a 1991 graduate of Ball State, joined the clinical diagnostics organization at Eli Lilly and Company in 2000. She has been an active core team member of Lilly's affinity group known as GLEAM (Gay-Lesbian-Employees-Advocates and More) and currently serves as the organization's co-chair. Wendra is active in the GLBT community, including Indiana Youth Group (IYG) and Indiana's Out and Equal Affiliates. Wendra is also a proud lesbian mom of a very supportive teenage son! Including her work at Lilly, Wendra has spent nearly 20 years in the medical field in Central Indiana.

The Presentation was followed by a panel and interaction with the audience. The panel consisted of:

Alan Hargrave, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and the director of Housing and Residence Life at Ball State University.

Marla Zimmerman is Coordinator of Student Services for the PhD in Nursing Science Program and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Nursing as well as for University College at Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Joseph P. Goodwin, Assistant Director of the Career Center at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Materials from the conference are presented here as well as additional materials on Workplace issues for LGBT individuals:

  1. Out At Work Conference Presentation by Wendra Foster (Power Point) 
  2. Conference Video
  3. 20 Steps to an Out and Equal Workplace Planner 
  4. 20 Steps to an Out and Equal Workplace: Steps and Tools 
  5. LGBT Terminology and Cultural Information 
  6. Creating an LGBT Friendly Workplace 
  7. HRC: Degrees of Equality 
  8. HRC: Marriage for Same-Sex Couples: Considerations for Employers 
  9. HRC: Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace 
  10. HRC: Where are our LGBT Employees 
  11. HRC: Corporate Equality Index 
  12. Perspective on Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Building Bridges Model: A Retrospect of the Past, Present, and Future of Training Impacting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Employees in the Workplace 
  13. GLBT Career Resources: Career Center BSU