1. Support and foster women's leadership. 
  2. Make it known that overtly sexist comments and humor which stereotype and devalue women are unacceptable. 
  3. Become aware of behavior that can discourage women from assuming leadership roles (e.g. relegation to traditional roles and tasks, exclusion from decision-making). 
  4. Respect a woman's body space. 
  5. Support and take seriously women who claim to be experiencing sexual harassment. 
  6. Make a commitment to becoming anti-sexist and non-sexist in your everyday life. 
  7. Understand the impact of violence in the lives of women and take a stand against it. 
  8. Make a commitment to learning and understanding women's issues. 
  9. Make a commitment to understanding the issues of women of color, lesbians, and international women. 
  10. Assist women in finding role models and resources. 
  11. Assume women are as competent as men. 
  12. Do not assume all women are "nurturers." 
  13. Encourage women to dream and aspire. 
  14. Avoid the use of sexist language and epithets (e.g. "The affairs of men...", "baby," "sweetheart," and "honey"). 
  15. Give women credit for the work they do.