Monday, April 1, 2024
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April 1 | Priority Registration for Fall 2024
All Day Event
The Joseph and Marcella Hollis Award is for faculty and students who wish to conduct psychology-based research projects. This competition is open for Graduate Students and Junior Faculty Members only.
All Day Event
Final Spring Semester eBill is due
10 a.m.
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Stop by Bracken Library to grab breakfast and connect with other graduate students!
11 a.m.
students looking through a solar telescope during the daytimeWeather permitting, come view the Sun through one of Ball State’s powerful Solar Telescopes setup at the Scramble Light. See the Sun in a very specific color of red light known as Hydrogen-alpha and see the atmospheric region of the Sun called the chromosphere. Learn about and see dramatic features like solar prominences, filaments, and flares!