Start: March 20, 2023 6 a.m.
End: March 23, 2023 9 p.m.

The Spring 2023 Writing Challenge #2 encourages faculty, staff, administrators and graduate students to dedicate time to their personal and professional writing projects. 
Dedicated daily writing time has been linked with increased creative output and reduced burnout. Some sources estimate that faculty who practice daily writing, even in short intervals, produce nearly three times as many pages as their peers who write only when motivated or in a single weekly block.  
Could daily writing be the key to unlocking your writing potential? 
Over the course of this 14-day, online writing challenge, participants are asked to write daily (Monday-Friday) for at least 30 minutes. 
Participants are divided into randomly assigned teams from individuals across campus. These teams provide a sense of community for the 14-day writing challenge and motivate participants to reach their goals. 

  • Registration is open from March 20 - March 23
  • Challenge dates are from March 27 - April 9

Beginning March 20th, interested participants can register online