Location: Botsford-Swinford Hall

Dogs and Donuts is back and better than ever! Presented by the College of Communication, Information, and Media and CCIM Living-Learning Community in its home of Botsford-Swinford Hall. Come meet the Dogs of your CCIM Faculty and Staff and have a Concannon's donut! 

Dogs and Donuts is one of the CCIM LLCs biggest events of the semester and we are so excited to welcome Students, Faculty, and Staff to this event! Join us on the back patio on the North side of Botsford-Swinford Hall for this event and family members of faculty and staff are welcome to attend. This opportunity allows students to make connections with faculty members, enjoy donuts, and delight in the sweet company of furry companions!

Q: Who is Dogs and Donuts for? What if I don't have a dog?

A: Dogs and Donuts is for everyone!

For students it is an opportunity to connect with people in your major and meet the faculty and staff in your department that help make your experience at Ball State great. If you are a faculty or staff who does not have a dog, please come and meet the students in your classes and have a donut! All are welcome to attend. 

Q: I have more than one dog, can I bring both?

A:Yes, but... 

Every dog at Dogs and Donuts needs their own "person" so if you bring more than one dog, please be sure to bring another person with you to help you keep up with your dog! Family members are welcome! 

Q: I am a student at Ball State, can I bring my pet dog?

A: No, due to liability reasons, Dogs and Donuts is for BSU Faculty or Staff to bring their dogs.

Are you a Faculty or Staff member that would like to bring your pet dog to Dogs and Donuts? Here is what you need to know:

  • Dogs and Donuts welcome all pet dogs of CCIM and Housing and Residence Life Faculty and Staff as well as Ball State University Police to our event. For liability reasons only pet dogs are permitted to attend, service animals, Emotional Support Animals, and other forms of trained animals are not permitted to participate in this event. 
  • Every dog in attendance must have an owner with it at all times and every owner may be responsible for up to one dog. Pet owners may designate an individual or family member to be the "handler" for their pet for the evening. 
  • All dog owners are personally responsible for the behavior and actions of their pet, please see our Acknowledgment of Liability for more information. 
  • Up to date vaccination records must be provided prior to or at the time of the event, see below for full details. 

If all of that sounds good, great! Please email LLC Specialist Garrett Tur (gjtur@bsu.edu) to confirm your attendance, please include: 

  1. Your Name and role at Ball State
  2. Your dog's name (pictures are welcome too!)
  3. Then, either send a copy of your dogs vaccination records now and not worry about it later, OR bring a copy to the event! All dogs in attendance must have a vaccination record on record in order to participate in the event.  
  4. At the event you will be asked to sign this document confirming your understanding of personal liability about your dog's participation.