Start: October 3, 2023 1:30 p.m.
End: October 3, 2023 3 p.m.
Location: Alumni Center
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John Hill


Jason Donati and Bob Mattax share a passion for local sustainability. They will introduce the group to the Muncie Sanitary District’s new approach to recycling and some of the challenges they’ve faced in the fight to leave a cleaner, brighter city for future generations.


Jason Donati, Stormwater/Recycling Educator. Muncie Sanitary District has been using its blue bag recycling program for Muncie communities since 1998. The city has a 32% to 35% recycling rate but wants to reach a 50% recycle rate Donati said. State officials have set 50% goal for all Indiana. He said its hoped that the use of toters in recycling will help in getting more cardboard recycled boxes being shipped to home in great numbers with the use of Amazon and other online shopping sites. But boxes are difficult to place in blue bags. Donati also said that some people have wound up mixing recyclables in their trash with the use of bags which results in a lot of time being spent sorting trash from things that can be recycled. MSD also estimates the change will eliminate about 600,000 blue bags from entering the waste stream this year.

“I’m Bob Mattax I work with software by trade, but enjoy all things outdoors and want to do something to make a lasting impact in my community and environment. It turns out ScrapCycle is doing that, and I’m hoping we can keep growing and keep growing our impact to more and more communities in Indiana, and someday beyond. My dream is to keep automating the processes and build a “guide” to make it easy for every community in Indiana to take a real hands-on approach to managing this portion of their waste stream and turning it back into the commodity it is: life-giving soil.”