ITF - International Trombone Festival
All Day Event
Start: July 13, 2019
End: July 13, 2019
Location: Music Instruction Building


The 2019 International Trombone Festival will be held at Ball State University July 10-13. Artists, teachers, students, professionals, industry leaders, and hobbyists gather annually to celebrate and explore the many facets and styles of trombone playing, teaching, and making. The Festival includes master classes, lectures, exhibits, concerts, poster sessions, daily warm-up sessions, and mass trombone choir rehearsals. We look forward to welcoming trombonists from around the world to Ball State!

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Paid registration is required for attendance and participation. Learn more.

Concerts and Recitals

  • Free Concerts: The ITF will include free late night jam sessions at The Guardian Brewing Company each night. Other free concerts include all competition final rounds (multiple times), the competition winners recital (July 13 at 10 a.m.), and the Youth Workshop concert (July 13 at 5 p.m.).
  • Ticketed Concerts: Tickets ($10) for all below concerts and recitals will be available at the registration table in Sursa Hall’s Mueller Lobby during the Festival. Concert tickets are also available for purchase through the Festival’s online registration page.

Ticketed concerts and recitals open to the public:

1:00 PM - University Faculty Showcase (Hahn Hall)
2:00 PM - Mirari Brass Quintet (Hahn Hall)
2:00 PM - Pedro Carrero and Sebastian Cifuentes (Sursa Hall)
3:00 PM - Mark Kellogg (Hahn Hall)
3:30 PM - Ricardo Molla (Sursa Hall)
4:00 PM - Incantare (Hahn Hall)
5:00 PM - Duo Steiner-Hochwartner (Sursa Hall)
7:30 PM - David Rejano and Jorgen van Rijen (Sursa Hall)

1:00 PM - twoRESONATE (Sursa Hall)
1:00 PM - University Faculty Showcase (Hahn Hall)
2:00 PM - Tony Baker (Hahn Hall)
2:30 PM - ITF2019 Salsa All-Stars (Sursa Hall)
3:00 PM - John Romero (Hahn Hall)
4:30 PM - Nathan Zgonc (Hahn Hall)
5:00 PM - George Curran (Sursa Hall)
7:30 PM - Concerto Night/Soloists with Wind Ensemble (Sursa Hall)

10:30 AM - Bill Haugeberg (Hahn Hall)
11:00 AM - Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Low Brass (Sursa Hall)
1:00 PM - The Westerlies (Hahn Hall)
1:30 PM - Red River Trombone Octet 8x8x8 (Sursa Hall)
3:00 PM - University Faculty Showcase (Hahn Hall)
3:30 PM - Mark Hetzler and Mr. Chair (Sursa Hall)
4:00 PM - Dave Taylor/Art of the Duo (Hahn Hall)
5:00 PM - Jennifer Wharton's Bonegasm (Sursa Hall)
5:30 PM - ITF Composer's Workshop, Faculty Recital (Hahn Hall)
7:30 PM - Michigan State University Jazz Trombone Ensemble (Sursa Hall)
8:30 PM - Homage to J.J. Johnson: ITF Jazz All-Stars (Sursa Hall)

8:30 AM - ITF All-Stars Trombone Ensemble (Sursa Hall)
10:00 AM - Loud and Louder (MI-152)
11:00 AM - ITF Participant Trombone Choirs (Sursa Hall)
1:00 PM - University Faculty Showcase (Hahn Hall)
1:30 PM - So Wrong It's Right, Let Light Perpetual Shine (Sursa Hall)
2:00 PM - Elysian Trombone Consort (MI-152)
2:30 PM - Jaime Morales Matos (Hahn Hall)
3:00 PM - The Central Ohio Brass Band with soloist Brett Baker (Sursa Hall)
3:30 PM - Storybook Players, The Wild Called Maxx (Hahn Hall)
4:00 PM - William Cramer Trombone Choir (Sursa Hall)
7:30 PM - HMT Rostock Trombone Class (Sursa Hall)
8:30 PM - Jim Nova's “A Fall from Light to Dark,” the music of Star Wars performed by the ITF All-Stars Trombone Ensemble (Sursa Hall)

*Please note that many evening concerts in Sursa Hall will have limited seating availability. It is recommended that you arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the posted concert start time.