Start: October 26, 2023 3:30 p.m.
End: October 26, 2023 5 p.m.
Location: Applied Technology Building, Room 183

Dr. LuMing Mao

In Search of a Global Rhetoric: Comparing, Decolonizing, and Co-Becoming


What is a global rhetoric? What approaches can we lean on to develop such rhetoric? What kind of rhetorical work can better foster dialogue, pluralism, and inclusion? This presentation addresses these questions by exploring what it means to do global rhetorical work that values diversity and multiplicity and by engaging comparative and decolonial approaches that both unsettle and relink. Building on these discussions, this presentation further proposes the concept of rhetorical togetherness—an expansive spacewhereproductive negotiations are taking place between/beyond sameness and difference, spatial breaks and epistemic relations, and co-becoming opportunities and pluriversal possibilities.




LuMing Mao, formerly Professor of English and Asian/Asian American Studies and Chair of the Department of English at Miami University, is now Professor and Chair of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies and Asian Center Faculty Affiliate at the University of Utah. A scholar in comparative and global rhetoric, Asian/Asian American rhetoric, and Chinese rhetoric, LuMing served as Chair Professor of Shanghai University in 2006-2011. He was named Distinguished Scholar by Miami University in 2015. He was the Peter and Margaret D’Angelo Endowed Chair in the Humanities at St. John’s University in Spring 2016 and the Thomas R. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Louisville in Fall 2017. His forthcoming books include: the co-edited Norton Anthology of Rhetoric and Writing and the co-edited Cambridge History of Rhetoric, Volume 5, Modern Rhetoric After 1900. His current research is centered on developing a framework for studying global rhetoric and on studying cartography as rhetoric through the 1602 mappamondo by the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci.  
LuMing’s scholarship has been centrally located in the intersections of rhetoric, writing, culture, history, and philosophy. He is deeply committed to studying rhetorical and other discursive practices across time and space, especially those that have been under-represented, misrepresented, or not represented at all. Toward that end, he has articulated a new kind of comparative rhetorical theory, one that enacts a discursive interdependence-in-difference through the "art of recontextualization."
LuMing has been a guest speaker at many universities, including: Baruch College, Michigan State University, Penn State University, St John’s University, University of California-Irvine, University of Louisville, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of California-Santa Barbara, and Stanford University. He has also lectured and taught overseas, mostly at institutions in South Korea, Taiwan, and China.