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All Day Event
Start: September 16, 2020
End: September 16, 2020

Check out all the advantages of majoring or minoring in English, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Modern Languages & Classics, African-American Studies, and Women & Gender Studies.


Today, we're showcasing the clubs and opportunities in English so you can "find your tribe":  


The third annual Star Party will take place virtually from Monday Sept. 14 to Friday Sept. 25, 2020 in this virtual room on the new website for the Compass Advantage in the College of Sciences and Humanities. It's co-sponsored by CSH, the Humanities LLC, and Residence Life. 

The Star Party is for:

  • students living in the Humanities LLC
  • undecided students
  • freshmen and sophomore humanities majors who want to get more involved in their major or minor
  • introverts who dread activity fairs because you have to walk right up to people and chat with them
  • students who are unapologetically interested in social responsibility, feminism, and big ideas, who are into making art, speaking other languages, understanding history, and making a difference in the 21st century

If anyone has ever asked you what you’re going to do with THAT major, come to Star Party and we’ll give you lots and lots of answers to that question.


We’ve got lots of stars for you to check out: 40+ cool classes, clubs, and opportunities in the humanities.

During the first week, we’ll feature the best of English and History, so make sure you’re following English and History and the College of Sciences and Humanities on social media. 


During the second week, we'll feature the best of Philosophy & Religious StudiesModern Languages & Classics, African-American Studies, and Women & Gender Studies