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Cathy Day

Pathway: Creative Arts and Communication

Advertising and Marketing

In order to help you narrow down your career options from “anything” to something more manageable, we’re introducing the concept of “pathways,” five broad career categories that humanities students often pursue.

Moving forward, all Stars to Steer By events will be advertised according to these categories so that you can explore different career directions.  

Alumni Speakers

  • Melissa Jones, Copywriter, Intersection Advertising Agency, Muncie
  • Macy Jo Byerly, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Paradigm Digital Group, Fishers
  • Marisa Sloan, Digital Copywriter, Asher Agency, Fort Wayne

Melissa Jones graduated in May 2018 with a BA in English/CW and minors in French and professional writing & emerging media. At Ball State, she was heavily involved with the Daily News, The Broken Plate, Jacket Copy Creative, and Book Arts Collaborative. She used experiences and expertise gained in these roles to secure an internship at Intersection Advertising Agency. After her summer internship, Intersection hired Melissa as a full-time copywriter. In this role, Melissa blends her background in writing, design, and marketing to help develop an array of creative projects—from radio commercials to billboards, from websites to television scripts, from social media to strategic plans, and everything in between.

Macy Jo Byerly graduated in May 2019 with a BA in English/English Studies and minors in professional writing  and business. At Ball State, Macy Jo was involved in Jacket Copy Creative and The Broken Plate. She also copyedited for The Daily News and interned at a local digital marketing agency. She built on her experiences and writing skills to work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Paradigm Digital Group, a digital marketing agency. In this role, Macy Jo gets to blend her love of copywriting, editing, social media strategy & management, and digital marketing. She creates content for client websites and social media; manages client social media accounts; creates and implements monthly email marketing campaigns; creates graphics for client promotion; and writes and edits monthly blog posts.

Marisa Sloan graduated in 2019 with a BA in English/CW and minors in art history and professional writing. By leveraging her immersive learning experience, especially with Jacket Copy Creative and Digital Literature Review, she secured a full-time role as a digital copywriter as Asher Agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Here she blends her creative and analytical halves in crafting copy for traditional and digital campaigns at the local and national level. She bounces between mediums such as a radio script, social media ad set, direct mail campaign, and website copy on any given day. Additionally, she manages content marketing efforts in multiple sectors, producing long-form blog posts, white papers, and case studies. Lastly, she works with web developers to structure the content for new client websites, conduct content and SEO audits, and optimize web pages for search engines.

Other Info

  • There will be pizza.
  • There will be prizes.
  • All majors are welcome to attend, but especially English, history, philosophy, religious studies, and modern languages and classics.