Professor Ana de Brea, Sabbatical Report, 'Total Latin American Architecture"
Start: February 28, 2018 12 p.m.
End: February 28, 2018 1 p.m.

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Ana de Brea

Today at Noon in AB101.

Ana is a professor, practitioner, artist, and critical observer of architecture and design. She was among the founders of Paralelo 35 in Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art and Grupo R in Rosario, both well-known discussion groups in the South American geography

Ana de Brea presents a sabbatical report on 'Total Latin American Architecture - Libretto of Modern Reflections and Contemporary Works'. She will present her experiences with lectures, presentations, exhibits, and reviews reaching around the world. Her book, edited by Actar Publishers Barcelona & New York, “outlines the conceptual and practical verification on critical views and specific projects of the architecture in the Latin American territory in the first decade of the new millennium. Since publication of the first edition, the intended purpose of the second step of this book project is to continue the conversation already started, but with more focus on the meaning of identity in architecture with a new set of invited international contributors.