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Start: April 13, 2022 3 p.m.
End: April 13, 2022 4:30 p.m.
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Miller College of Business
(765) 285-8192

The Miller College of Business invites you to attend our “Cutting Edge Conversations” on April 13. During this webinar, you will hear from three exciting and innovative professors in the Miller College of Business. These professors will offer their thoughts and research on three different issues discussed today on social media, in newspapers, and on the airwaves. Professors Angelo, Goldsby, and Nesson will each talk for 15 minutes and explain the why and how behind phenomena that we read about in the mass media. Be entertained. Be amazed. Be enlightened. 

You don’t have to be in business, or even study business, to benefit from their cutting-edge discussion of these issues. Professors Angelo, Goldsby, and Nesson will share their insights and analysis in a way that will be immediately understandable to all audiences. There will also be time to ask questions. Please join us and help us make these conversations a community-wide event.

“Tone at the Trump: The Impact of President Trump’s Idiolect on the Discourse of Conference Calls

Ben Angelo, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility”
Mike Goldsby, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer and Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management

“Do NBA Players Have a Hot Hand? The Importance of Location, Location, Location”
Erik Nesson, Associate Professor of Economics

The panel will be moderated by Russ Wahlers, Chairperson, Miller College of Business Department of Marketing

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