Thursday, February 10, 2022
9 a.m.
University Libraries WorkshopConnecting your students to course resources has never been easier! Ball State University Libraries’ Reading Lists application gives students simple access to course reserve materials—full-text database articles, e-books, digitized chapters, streaming music and video, and more. Library staff work behind the scenes to add and activate the resources you select. The best part? The Reading Lists app connects directly with your Canvas course navigation menu. We received a number of positive comments from instructors who have utilized Reading Lists to provide resources to students taking on-campus and virtual courses. Join one of our upcoming sessions for an overview of how Reading Lists can enhance your teaching in Spring 2022 and beyond. If you’ve used Reading Lists before or attended a previous workshop, you’re welcome to join for a refresher!
11 a.m.
University Libraries WorkshopJoin us for an introduction to accessing copies of television, radio, news, and web content with library databases and online resources. While these types of media can disappear unexpectedly from publishers’ websites, library databases and online archives make it possible to continue to discover these records. Learn about searching for TV news and radio transcripts with Nexis Uni, viewing historic newspapers with online databases, and accessing web archives from the Library of Congress and Internet Archive.
4 p.m.
University Libraries WorkshopThis webinar will highlight online resources for middle and high school lesson ideas, materials, and activities that incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion themes.