Tuesday, September 28, 2021
11 a.m.
University Libraries WorkshopAre you interested in learning more about Omeka, online exhibits, and content management systems? In this workshop, we will discuss the foundational principles behind the Omeka platform, some of the best practices, and different ways it has been used. Attendees will also receive a tutorial walk-through of the platform, importing and organizing collections, exhibit building, additional plugins for expanded features, and other important resources.
3 p.m.
University Libraries WorkshopThis workshop will help students better understand what copyright is and what copyright laws cover. Attendees will learn about their rights as copyright holders and ways to license and share their work. Attendees will also learn about respecting the rights of others, how they can legally use copyrighted content in their scholarship, and where to find content that is in the public domain or has been openly licensed.