Taylor Wong works as an athletic trainer wrapping a wrist

Taylor, a senior from Indianapolis, is pursuing a unique combination of interests, majoring in athletic training and studio art.

Taylor has played several sports throughout the years. A soccer injury during her senior year of high school required physical therapy, which sparked an interest in athletic training. The positive experience she had with her team trainer led her to pursue the major. She became involved with the athletic training club and has worked with the men’s volleyball team, using her classroom knowledge on the court.

Art has been an important hobby for Taylor. In the School of Art, she’s been able to express herself as an individual and as an artist. Her favorite professor gets to know the students so he can relate to their artwork and help them grow as artists.

Taylor is also special events director for the Ball State Dance Marathon, a member of the Chinese Club, and a recipient of a 500 Festival Princess scholarship in 2017.

Ball State is a welcoming and open community for all types of people. For me, it’s always been a sense of home. Ball State was just right for me.

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