Nate Robert-Eze, urban planning and development major

A love of architecture and an interest in design put Ball State on Nate’s college radar his junior year of high school. He knew the R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning's (CAP) programs were well-respected, and a career coach who’s a Ball State alum talked with him about what the university offers. Not to mention, it was close to home.

Since getting to campus, Nate helped create a socially minded apparel business and used his talents to aid cities. He hopes one day to start a design/build firm focused on low-income communities.

Encouraged to Innovate

Nate plans to pursue a master’s in urban design at CAP’s Indy Connector in Indianapolis, where he will learn even more that will help him to eventually start his own firm. 

I like the fact that Ball State encourages entrepreneurial learning because it sparks innovation in any field. In every project that I’ve done in studio, we are encouraged to innovate. ... We work on projects that focus on solving problems through innovation.

Learning and Unity through Apparel

In addition to urban planning and design, Nate also has an interest in apparel. He, along with two partners, started a clothing company in 2015 with the goal to promote unity throughout the community. Their products primarily consist of unity-themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and wristbands.

From this experience, they’ve learned a lot behind the scenes about entrepreneurship, from finding an apparel printer to filing taxes.

Giving Back to the Community

Community service is important to Nate, and he has offered his skills to various causes in and around east central Indiana.

“Our class presented an economic development plan for downtown Anderson. We also participated in an immersive learning project with the East Central Neighborhood Association of Muncie, where we asked what they wanted to see in their community and came up with a strategic plan on how to achieve those things with very detailed steps.”

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