Kathleen Frazzetta works with students

With teachers in her family and a math teacher who left a positive impression, Kathleen was inspired to pursue education as a career. When she visited Ball State’s Teachers College and learned she could earn a bachelor’s degree in both elementary education and special education, she knew Ball State was the right fit.

This Indiana native has taken advantage of several opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the education field.

Traveling to England as part of an eight-week program was one of her most memorable experiences. While overseas, Kathleen taught at a local primary school, took required courses from her Ball State professor, and explored different countries during the weekends.

Her student teaching requirement let her travel once again, this time to Aldine, Texas, to teach in an urban area.

Kathleen has also helped with several Muncie community organizations, giving her experience with diverse populations.

Working at the non-profit organization Beyond I Can introduced me to an entirely different form of working with others with disabilities. I had never worked with adults with disabilities before, and I learned quickly that I enjoyed that as much as working in the school setting.

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