Jacob Layton’s goal is to leave a silent legacy. The senior elementary education major hails from the small town of Wolcott, Indiana, and chose Ball State because he knew our Teachers College would give him the tools he needs to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

As a freshman and sophomore, Jacob got involved in the Muncie community through College Mentors for Kids and the Muncie P3 Academic Enrichment Program, but the Schools Within the Context of Community immersive learning experience in fall 2015 revealed the passion that will guide his career as an educator. Started in 2009, the nationally recognized program is a partnership between Teachers College, Longfellow Elementary School, Huffer Memorial Children’s Center, Buley Community Center, and the Whitely neighborhood.

I learned more about teaching in that one semester than I did in my whole first two years. Applying what I had learned in a classroom and immersing myself in my students’ community gave me the sense of purpose that I had been searching for.

As Jacob prepares to graduate and embark upon his career, he continues to be involved in the lives of his Longfellow students through the AIM  Academy summer  enrichment program and the after-school Muncie P3 Academic Enrichment Program. He hopes to live and be active in the community where he teaches, as well as inspire young activists for social change by his example.

About Jacob

Class of 2017
Hometown: Wolcott, Indiana
Major: Elementary Education
Activities: College Mentors for Kids, Muncie P3 Academic Enrichment Program, Schools Within the Context of Community (fall 2015)


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