Emerson Lehmann, telecommunications and journalism major

Emerson aspires to work in television journalism, specifically as a network news anchor or pit road reporter for Verizon IndyCar Series. His passion for auto racing is propelled, in part, by his experiences behind the wheel of race cars during the summers.

When he was looking at colleges, a friend told him about Ball State’s television journalism program, which brought him to campus for a visit.

“Our tour guide was really cool, and the students that we talked to were really welcoming and kind.” The closeness of Indianapolis, and its famed 500-mile race, was an added bonus for the Wisconsin resident. Emerson enrolled and now double majors in telecommunications and journalism.

Unified Media Lab Was a Winner

Ball State’s offerings impressed him.

“The Unified Media Lab definitely played a part in my decision. I wanted to go somewhere that was going to prepare me the best for real-world experiences. Our news studio rivals some professional stations in terms of condition and technology, and it’s amazing to be able to work and learn there.”

He also praised Ball State’s hands-on opportunities.

I’ve participated in a lot of professional experiences, … and I’m positive I wouldn’t have had these opportunities available had I gone to a different university.

A Paying Job in the Field He Loves

Emerson has gained experience by working as the assistant news director of student radio station WCRD (91.3 FM) and as a reporter for NewsLink Indiana.

Having these experiences helped pave the way for his job as an on-air board operator/producer with Indiana Public Radio (WBST, 92.1 FM).

“It’s awesome to be able to work (and get paid) as a student in the field you hope to have a career in some day. Not many students can put their current job on their professional resume. I’m one of the lucky ones who will be able to.”

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