Carolyn Kelley, music education major (Honors College)

The positive reputation of Ball State’s music education program brought Carolyn to campus, and the student activities and programs outside of her major have provided life-changing experiences.

The junior flutist aspires to perform and record music. She also wants to combine music with various arts (think visual arts, dance, theater, and storytelling) to make concert halls more vibrant and stimulating for audiences.

Entrepreneurial Approach

Carolyn is especially interested in music that crosses boundaries and shatters stereotypes. She was drawn to the entrepreneurial music certificate to help her develop into a singular musician who creates projects that no one has thought of. Her current interests are exploring new and unique ways to combine music with both literature and art, and she hopes to refine her ideas through more entrepreneurial courses.

Many of (the entrepreneurial residencies and speakers) provide life-changing experiences and new knowledge … from people actually doing what students want to do. That firsthand exposure is invaluable as encouragement to us.

Professor Offers Support and Personalization

Her experience with School of Music faculty members has been extremely positive.

“My favorite instructor is my flute studio professor, Dr. Mihoko Watanabe. She is very encouraging and cares about teaching her students how to be better people, along with being better flutists. She caters her teaching to each specific student, knowing exactly what they need to become successful in the future.”

Immersed in Music

Carolyn has gained professional growth from performing with the Ball State Symphony Band and chamber ensemble. She is also a member of the newly formed Flute Guild that welcomes flutists of any age or experience level to socialize and play music together. Her favorite tradition on campus is attending the School of Music’s Showcase concert.

“This is a great opportunity to hear excellent fellow students perform while raising money for much-needed music scholarships for future students.”

Discover Ball State

Like Carolyn, do you want to immerse yourself in an enriching setting of arts and culture while working on a degree that will teach you how to innovate new ways for people to appreciate your craft?